Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Beginning

For the first post of my new Blog, I should let everyone in on its goal. As most people already know..... NOBODY wants to keep reading pointless rants about every little bit of minutia from some boring persons life. Hopefully this Blog will develop into something more substantial than that. Sure, it will start out with my musings about inane crap. But hopefully, it will evolve and narrow its scope into something more focused and interesting. We can only hope....

The name of the Blog, The Urban Platypus, is a reference to Richard Jeni's HBO Comedy Hour special "The Platypus Man", and his UPN show with the same name. He was one of my all time favorite comedians, who sadly is no longer with us. The idea behind the bit of Platypus man, was that he had watched a Nation Geographic show about the Platypus, and how he related to it as a single guy. In the T.V. show, he played himself, not as a comedian, but as a television cooking show host. The cooking show, "Cooking with the Platypus Man", was mostly geared towards single guys cooking. It pretty much lambasted what has become a television staple. Being that I'm single, like to cook, watch all those cooking shows and hopefully have a good sense of humor, I thought borrowing the platypus name was appropriate.

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Anonymous said...

Nice tribute. I am looking for copy of the UPN show. If you have or know where to find any format
please email