Sunday, December 2, 2007

Legal Crack

Everybody loves a good snack. Some of use love a good snack more than our belt can faithfully hold in. I don't mean those healthy snacks: apples, celery sticks and the like. I'm talking about those snack foods that you can feel your arteries hardening as you eat them. While I do like the occasional celery sticks, they have never given me that "Oh damn these are good" feeling. This week I discovered a new such treat, and rediscovered and old favorite.

Although for the most part, I have never been a big fan of Cheese Puffs, I have fallen for my local snack pushers pitch. They were on sale at a local truck stop I was at getting fuel, and looking for a quick snack to hold me off til dinner. Normally, i would have just passed them by. After all, cheese puff's are mostly sugar infused puffs of air, not that filling at all! But I was intrigued buy the flavor combo printed on the bag........"Honey Cheese Curls". I'm just a sucker for crazy junk food like this, and those deep fried Twinkies at the Covered Bridge Festival. (More on that in a future post.) I'm pretty glad that I tried them. OK, sure.. they have that processed food taste that most of these types of snack usually have. And sure, they leave a greasy fake cheese coating on your hands while you eat them. But somehow it all works out to a pretty good massed produced, sugar high inducing snack! Herr's Honey Cheese Curl's are now the only Cheese Puff snack I will ever buy!

The snack that I rediscovered is: Jenny's Caramel Corn Ditto's! These are the crack of the snack world. If your you are not careful, you will end up laying bed in a sugar induced stupor and Caramel Ditto's strewn all over the bed. Here's what your getting: It's basically like taking Kellogg's Corn Pops cereal, and coating them in a caramel glaze! What could be better! If only these were available when I was a kid. I think that I would still be in a sugar coma, or at the very least bouncing off the walls like Calvin and his "Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs".
I'm sure that the W.F.O. (the World Foodie Organization - an arm of the U.N. I think) will want to revoke my membership for encouraging people to eat food as unhealthy as these are. But in reality, when most of us want a sweet snack, is this not REALLY what we want? Something super bad for you, but really yummylisious? Let's face it... Even as adults that know we need to eat healthy, need our little sugar crack fixes from time to time.

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